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Body, Colon, and Liver Cleanse Products

We Are Now Closed...BUT

We have moved forward to launch our own line of superior nutritional supplements and a revolutionary new approach to organic skincare.

Please visit our new company Emerald Essentials™:




All Natural Zeolite - Guaranteed Heavy Metal Detox
Temple Cleanse -
Oxygen Colon Cleanser
Parafree -
Effective Parasite Cleanse
Alkalime -
Alkaline pH support

5 Day Nutritive Cleanse - Cleanse and Diet Kit

13 Day Tri-Decathlon -
A Life Changing Cleanse Event

All Natural Zeolite

We are proud to offer this very unique, safe, all natural, and incredibly effective liquid zeolite. This purified mineral safely removes heavy metal toxins via oral chelation, promotes a healthy
alkaline pH level, and supports an overall healthy immune system*.

No other supplement on the market backs up its claims
with personalized clinical lab results.
Take our "Toxin Test Challenge" and prove it to yourself!

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Temple Cleanse

Temple Cleanse is a new product based on the cutting-edge research that discovered how certain minerals have the ability to act as a transport vehicle for oxygen delivery in the body. Temple Cleanse contains a combination of powdered magnesium oxide compounds which have been ozonated and stabilized to time release nascent oxygen throughout the intestinal system for up to 12 hours or more. Oxygen is known to be one of nature's most powerful cleansers. With Temple Cleanse, it helps to gently break loose impacted wastes and cleanse the colon without any cramps or painful bloating.

Learn More about Temple Cleanse

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5-Day Nutritive Cleanse

The 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse™ facilitates gentle and effective cleansing to improve overall health and well-being.* A minimum of four, easy cleanses a year with our 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse and continued nutritional maintenance will help balance the extremes of the modern diet.
This nutritive cleanse includes the following: Ningxia Red, an energizing, replenishing, whole wolfberry nutrient infusion (1 liter ); Balance Complete, a super-food-based, daily, superfood energizer and nutritive cleanse (26.4 oz.); Digest + cleanse, which soothes gastrointestinal discomfort and supports healthy digestion* ( 30 softgels ).

Learn More about the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse Program

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AlkaLime® is a precisely-balanced alkaline mineral and essential oil powder formulated to safely reduce the acidity of the digestive system.* This is important because a balanced pH allows the body to maintain vigor and health. 38.5 servings per container.

How to use: Stir 1 teaspoon in 8 ounces of distilled water and drink immediately. Mix only with water. Take one to three times daily, one hour before meals or retiring to bed as an aid in alkalizing.*
Caution: Not recommended for sodium-restricted diets.

Ingredients: Sodium (as sodium bicarbonate and sea salt), Calcium (as calcium carbonate), magnesium (as magnesium citrate), Potassium (as potassium bicarbonate), citric acid, lemon† rind, and lime† rind.† 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil

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ParaFree™ is formulated to contain an advanced blend of some of the strongest essential oils studied for their cleansing abilities. Helps the body to kill and remove parasites including their eggs. This formula also includes the added benefits of sesame seed oil and olive oil.
190 SoftGels = 47 servings per container !

How to use: Take 4 soft gels two times daily. For best results, take for 21 days and rest for seven days. Cycle may be repeated three times. Take on an empty stomach for maximum results.

Ingredients: Organic sesame* seed oil, cumin† seed, organic olive* seed oil, anise† seed, fennel† seed, Bay laurel† leaf, vetiver† root, melaleuca† leaf, nutmeg† leaf, clove† bud, Idaho tansy† leaf/stem, thyme† leaf, gelatin, glycerin, and deionized water. * Organically grown in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990 † 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil.

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The 13-Day Tri-Decathlon
Full Body and Colon Cleanse
Detox Diet

Tri-Decathlon Delux

This is where it all began. All Natural Prevention's founder, A.B.Goad, began his own personal awakening and journey to better health with The Tri-Decathlon detox diet. "It's amazing what happened to me in just 13 days. The body knows the difference between quality and quantity. The Tri-Decathlon Deluxe taught me those lessons and changed the way I will eat forever!"

The 13-Day Tri-Decathlon is only available from The Wholefood Farmacy. We highly recommend that all of our customers experience The Wholefood Farmacy.
"Eating healthy doesn't have to be a hassle"

For additional information on The 13-Day Tri-Decathlon - Click Here (this will take you to a separate website)





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