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Satisfaction and Returns Policy

We Are Now Closed...BUT

We have moved forward to launch our own line of superior nutritional supplements and a revolutionary new approach to organic skincare.

Please visit our new company Emerald Essentials™:



All of our products come with our exclusive 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If for some reason you are disatisfied with a product, you may return it within 90 days from purchase date according to the following policy:

All Products:

  • All returns must meet category criteria as referenced below.
  • All returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Exclusion - Toxin Test Kits.
  • All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.
  • All returns must be shipped with shipment tracking and insurance.

Consumable Products:

  • All consumable products must retain original seal and be unopened in order to be returned.

Biozone Air Purifiers and Aquasana Water products:

  • Must be in like-new working condition and show no signs of damage, scratches, or abuse.

Toxin Test Kits:

  • Return authorizations will require completion of our compliance survey form with pre-approval.
  • Test Kit Instructions must be followed precisely.
  • No other supplements or chelation agents can be used during the test period.
  • Refunds for test kits will be 50% of purchase cost (not including shipping).


Click Here for Return Authorization Form

You will receive an email with instructions to process your return.


Recommended Resources:

Native Remedies - We have found Native Remedies' true herbal tincture products to be of very high quality, effective formulations, and the employee's provide great customer service.

The Wholefood Farmacy - For a truly unique organic experience, we highly recommend these delicious raw, organic, wholefood snacks and meals. Our journey towards better health originally began with this great company.

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