Josephs's Soap of Many Colors

NEW! Pearly Gates Organic Soaps

We are incredibly excited to announce our new line of handcrafted, all natural ORGANIC soaps and body care products. These soaps are luxuriously rich in Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Essential Oils. They are extremely mild, facial quality, lather beautifully, and smell heavenly! Try our Heavenly 7 Combo and receive a FREE Queen Esther's Exotic Shea Butter Lip Balm!

Featured Article:
The Truth About Food Labels

WARNING: Be prepared for a completely different outlook on food. Do not read this article unless you are ready to understand the truth about our food industry and a failed effort to protect your nutrition.

The history of food labels is a very important history to understand. American's have been conditioned to read food labels as a way to make better choices in nutrition. While this is somewhat plausible, it is dangerously misleading and often completely false. Click Here to read the entire article.

NEW! Cranberry and Coco Cherry Phi Plus

Our top selling whole food blend, Phi Plus, is now available in two new exciting flavors: Cranberry Phi Plus and Coco Cherry Phi Plus. We can only think of one word to describe these new blends - YUMMY!! If you haven't tried Phi Plus yet, now is the time. This one food product has already changed hundreds of lives. Order Today!

Featured Testimonial:
"I went to the post office to send some packages out on Monday and the lady behind the counter asked how my mom had recovered from her shingles several months back. I told her how she only had to deal with the condition for a week had no complications and it quickly went away. I then told her that she had been diagnosed with Leukemia soon after. The lady let out a little gasp as if really shocked and I told her, oh it's not a worry we reversed it in a month and a half. At this point she seemed almost speechless and I thanked her for mailing my package and walked out the door....My mom had told her doctors immediately after her diagnosis that she would never go through any conventional treatment. As a result 3 months later, she has a full functioning immune system, has all her hair and normal functions and lifestyle and she is free of leukemia and it did not cost her a fortune, just a couple hundred dollars in supplements that not only empowered her body to rid the leukemia, but also experience a number of other health giving benefits. This beats the heck out of the conventional medical model which would have offered her their main means of treatment: poisoning(chemo), burning(radiation), cutting (surgery) all at a very high price->to the minds of her family and loved ones, to her body, and to her finances-> that model to me is nothing short of Pure Lunacy!
Thank God for Natural (real) remedies and ZEOLITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spread the word... Blessings to you all!
C. W. Van Buren
To learn more about Zeolite, please Click Here
Education and Awareness:
It's Raining Mercury!

All Natural Zeolite is by far our top selling product, and for good reason. One of its many benefits is its clinically proven effectiveness at safely removing heavy metal toxins such as Mercury. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man and it is now affecting the health of almost every single human within any industrialized society.

Here is a recent article underscoring just one of the many sources of Mercury poisoning prevalent in our environment. While some progress has been made, it is clearly not enough.
Click Here for the full article.

Challenge For Change:
Tell FDA: No Food From Cloned Animals!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has completed its review of food from animal clones and FDA regulators say that the agency will likely approve the sale of cloned foods this year.

The FDA’s action flies in the face of widespread scientific concern about the risks of food from clones, and ignores the animal cruelty and troubling ethical concerns that the cloning process brings. Even worse, the FDA indicates that it will not require labeling on cloned food, so consumers will have no way to avoid these experimental foods.

The FDA needs to hear that you do not want food from animal clones. A public comment period is open until April 2.
Please click here to send your letter now!

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