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Organic, Vegan, and Kosher Whole Food Bars!

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Featured Article:
How To Remove Heavy Metal Toxins

Do you currently have heavy metal toxins damaging the inside of your body?
The answer is unfortunately "yes" for over 99% of us!

So what is a “heavy metal” and what do I need to know? If you’re thinking of Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, or Ted Nugent, you’re not alone. The truth is that most people do not fully understand the real dangers of heavy metal poisons, how common they are in our modern world, and how studies continue to link them to the majority of our diseases and cancers.

Fortunately, you can take steps to understand and minimize such threats through simple acts of education, prevention, and treatment that will help to lessen any negative impact on you and your family’s health. Click Here to learn the facts about heavy metal toxins.

Temple Cleanse - Oxygen Colon Cleanser

Temple Cleanse is a new product based on cutting-edge research that discovered certain mineral's ability to act as a transport vehicle for oxygen delivery in the body. Temple Cleanse is unique because it cleanses the colon and intestinal tract by using oxygen and magnesium compounds which are very gentle on the system. Most other colon cleansers use fiber or herbs as cleansing agents. Although these other methods work, for some people they can cause cramping, bloating, and discomfort. Temple Cleanse is safe and causes no cramps or stomach discomfort, and IT WORKS!

  • Helps support regularity.
  • Gently cleanses your intestinal system.
  • Is non-habit forming.
  • Causes no cramps or discomfort like some herbs and colon cleansers.
  • Jumps start weight loss.
  • Maximizes digestion.
  • Alleviates gas and bloating.

More Information on Temple Cleanse.

Featured Testimonials:

"A friend of mind told me she was taking your product Temple Cleanse for serious constipation. When I told her I was having similar problems she sent me one of her bottles to try. I can't begin to tell you how much it helped me. Now I'm regular every day where before I was only going once or twice a week. For the first time in years I can eat without feeling bloated. You will have a lifetime customer for this product."
Deborah Thomas - Houston, TX*

More Information on Temple Cleanse.

Dear All Natural Prevention,
I just wanted to tell you since I've been on ZEOLITE, wow what a product! My BP has lowered, and I've been eating organic before but now I know your product really works. It's amazing. My BP has gone from a high of 160/100 to most recent reading of 125/85! Great stuff! I just told my first person, he is Dr. Jack from east TEXAS. His wife has cancer and is about to go through chemo treatments. I've still got a half bottle or more left! I will re-order soon. Thanks again for this great product.

More information on Zeolite

*Disclaimer: These products can not claim to cure any disease. These testimonials are shared as public information only.

Education and Awareness:
Vaccinations: Fact or Fiction?
There is great controversy regarding the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. In fact, did you know historical data shows that most diseases were already nearing eradication long before vaccines were introduced? The real reason was simply a growing understanding for better hygiene.
People are also often shocked to find out the common ingredients used to maked vaccines that are routinely injected into the bodies of small developing children. Also shocking are the true statistics that argue against any benefit from the vaccination theory, especially compared to the harm that is caused. We simply encourage everyone, especially parents, to do your own research, ask the hard questions, and form your own educated opinion. Watch this very EYE OPENING video on vaccination!
Challenge For Change:
Got Gas? Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The only answer to the current energy crisis is investing in a clean energy future. ExxonMobil is the biggest and most powerful obstacle in our way. Exxon has reported the largest profits of any American corporation in history and they spend those profits fighting virtually all efforts towards ending our dependence on oil and bankrolling top politicians to ensure that meaningful progress towards energy independence will always be killed in Congress.

We have seen many unrealistic gas boycott ideas in emails and on the internet, but this one is realistic, possible, and meaningful because it targets the "leader of the pack".

We're sending a message to boycott ExxonMobil with the following demands:

  • Stop fighting global warming prevention.
  • Invest their profits in fuel efficiency to counter high gas prices.
  • Stop lobbying to drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.
  • Pay the outstanding damages for the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.
  • Reject tax breaks they received from the recent energy bill and invest some of their profits in assisting less fortunate Americans with energy costs.

A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond when you complete the online form at MoveOn.org: Click Here To Make Your Difference.


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