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Test Your Kids

Extremely safe and non-toxic: Our zeolite is completely all natural and 100% non-toxic. It is totally eliminated from the body after 5 to 7 hours. Liquid zeolite has been safely used by pregnant women, nursing mothers and small children.

Removes heavy metals: Liquid zeolite has the perfect molecular structure for capturing and removing heavy metals from the body, including mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminum, tin, and excess iron. It also removes radioactive metals like cesium and Strontium-90. The process begins immediately. Continued use protects the body from re-accumulation toxicity.*

100% Safe Oral Chelation: Traditional chelating agents have built in limitations when it comes to safely removing mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic. One drawback is that agents such as endrate (EDTA) have a high affinity for essential minerals such as calcium, and remove them with the heavy metals.. A second issue is the phenomenon known as “pull-and-drop”, where a chelation agent pulls out a toxin ftom the tissues, but then drops the toxin into the bloodstream. All natural zeolite is free from both of these risks.* Download More Zeolite Information

Removes pesticides, herbicides and dioxins:
Although liquid zeolite is unable to remove these directly due to their negative or neutral charge, by reducing the toxic load to the liver, liver-induced glucuronidation, their main means of removal, is increased. As these chemicals are prime candidates for triggering cancer and disrupting hormone balance even in low levels, it is very important that they are removed from the body as quickly as possible.*

Helps buffer body pH to a healthy alkalinity
: A slightly alkaline body pH (7.35 - 7.45) is essential for good health and optimal immune function. Liquid zeolite attracts and then buffers excess protons which cause acidity and in this way can help many conditions including acid reflux, Candida, and inflammation such as arthritis.*

Reduces absorption of nitrosamines: Nitrosamines (or nitrates) are most commonly found in processed meats, and have been linked to pancreatic, stomach and colon cancer, as well as to Type II diabetes. Liquid zeolite captures nitrosamines in the digestive tract before they can be absorbed.*

Helps to buffer blood sugar: in the same way that liquid zeolite can buffer excess protons and thus help balance body pH, it can also buffer excess glucose by its negative charge and therefore helps reduce blood sugar spikes.*

Improves nutrient absorption: In the gastro-intestinal tract, the presence of liquid zeolite increases nutrient absorption and helps promote healthy gut microorganisms.*

Acts as a powerful antioxidant: The cage-like structure of liquid zeolite also traps free radical molecules, making it an effective antioxidant. This does not mean that liquid zeolite is a substitute for vital antioxidants found in organic whole foods.*

Reduces allergens: Liquid zeolite captures some of the allergens and antigens that may trigger allergies, migraines, and asthma, and helps to reduce symptoms.*

Increases immune system function:
Liquid zeolite does not stimulate the immune system, but allows it to function optimally by removing toxins, viruses, yeasts, bacteria and fungi which can depress immune function and interfere with hormones. Many people report feeling increased energy, clarity and vitality.*

Helps prevent premature ageing
: Many people age prematurely due to a build-up of toxins which interferes with optimal metabolic function and cellular repair. By using liquid zeolite to remove this toxic overload, the body's normal repair and regeneration mechanisms are free to work efficiently.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. If you are unwell or taking medication, we recommend you seek the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner before starting a zeolite program. All natural zeolite is not classified as a medical treatment or drug.

Test Results

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"I couldn't believe how much Arsenic I had in my body!"

Three Children's
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"Toxic Storm" Documentary

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Autism Rates Decline with Mercury Removal

Journal of American Physicians Article

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