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Emerald Sea™
Organic Seaweed Blend with Iodine


We Are Now Closed...BUT

We have moved forward to launch our own line of superior nutritional supplements and a revolutionary new approach to organic skincare.

Please visit our new company Emerald Essentials™:


Important AnswersTo Your Questions About Fukushima & Radiation:

Does Emerald Sea help block radiation from contaminated food and water?

One of the most common concerns with radioactive fallout is the ingestion of radioactive elements through food and water. Alginates found ONLY in certain seaweeds offer protection from radiation and environmental pollutants. Alginates bind with heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and radioactive elements (strontium, cesium, etc.) in the digestive tract enabling their safe removal from the body.

Does Emerald Sea contain Iodine to help protect the thryoid from radioactive Iodine?

Safe and natural sources of iodine are now more important than ever as Americans learn about iodine's ability to protect the thryoid and entire body from Iodine-131, radioactive iodine.

Emerald Sea is a rich, natural, and safe source of organic iodine, plus every single vitamin and trace mineral needed for a healthy thryoid, a strong immune system, optimal health, and cellular regeneration.

Where are the organic seaweed ingredients harvested?

As concerns mount regarding contamination of coastal waters around Japan, we have received a flurry of questions regarding the origins of our certified organic Emerald Sea ingredients. Many companies obtain their seaweed from Japan. In fact, Japan is one of the largest seaweed exporters in the world. However, this is just one more reason people are flocking to Emerald Sea.

Emerald Sea's seven (7) species of seaweed are hand harvested from the cold and clean waters of the North Atlantic. They are then gently sun-dried to retain their full raw, whole superfood benefits.

In order for each individual ingredient to be certified organic, not only are the plants themselves tested, but the surrounding water must also be tested for heavy metals, petrochemicals and other pollutants.

Consumer Alert: There are some seaweed products on the market that use the term "organic" as a marketing trick to mean "of a living source". This is not the same as a "certified organic" ingredient and should be heavily questioned by the consumer during this time.

Order Now & Stock Up!

The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and Swedish government once recommended that adults consume 3-5 grams of seaweed per day for its protective benefits against radiation. Those same guidelines can be achieved simply by taking 2 to 3 Emerald Sea capsules with each meal.

If there was ever a time when every person needs a simple and powerful solution for cellular protection and a strong nutritional foundation, that time is now.

A Powerful New Superfood Blend

The most nutrient-dense, organic, raw whole food plant supplement in the world is here!

Emerald Sea™ contains a special blend of seven (7) certified organic sea vegetables, sustainably hand-harvested and carefully sun-dried to retain all the natural raw whole food benefits of these amazing plants.

  • Supports Proper Thyroid Function & Protects the Thyroid*
  • Helps Your Body Regulate Metabolism and Supports Weight Management*
  • Naturally Increases Energy Levels*
  • Supports healthy breast & ovary tissue in women; prostate in men*
  • Promotes Healthier Skin and Hair*
  • Supports a Healthy Digestive System*
  • Benefits Cardiovascular Function*
  • May Help Maintain Existing Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*
  • May Help Maintain Existing Healthy Cholesterol Levels*
  • Inhibits Uptake of Heavy Metal Toxins & Radioactive Elements*
  • Aids in the Removal of Stored Toxins & Heavy Metals (mercury, cadmium, lead)*
  • Aids in the excretion of toxic fluoride, bromide, and chlorine*
  • Powerful Nutrients for the Immune System*

Sea Vegetables are now widely recognized as being the last and only
natural plant source of every trace mineral needed in our diet.

Miracle Nutrients of the Sea

Through the miracle of photosynthesis sea vegetables capture the vital energy of the sun and a full spectrum of nutrients from the sea. In fact, it is believed by some that a balanced combination of sea vegetables may possibly contain every nutrient known to mankind.

Organic Sea Vegetables are a gold mine of power-packed vital nutrition! Emerald Sea™ is loaded with minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, vitamins, chlorophyll, growth hormones, omega 3’s & 6’s, and virtually every known organic compound necessary for cellular regeneration and human survival.

Plus, it contains various naturally occurring compounds that have been proven to be anti-biotic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. These naturally occurring compounds can work as a great boost to your immune system and assist in enhancing your overall health and well being.

A Critical Source of Iodine

According to studies by leading iodine experts, Dr. Guy Abraham and Dr. David Brownstein, as many as 96% of Americans are critically deficient in Iodine. It has been proposed that this one deficiency could be a main underlying factor in a multitude of health epidemics: obesity, various cancers including breast, ovarian and prostate cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mental retardation, low I.Q., and numerous other issues.

"Seaweed is one of the most abundant sources of iodine because seaweed has the ability to
concentrate a large amount of iodine from the ocean water"

Dr. David S. Brownstein

Emerald Sea Stands Alone

Emerald Sea™ is the ONLY organic, raw whole food plant supplement ever created that has our unique blend of nutiritious sea vegetables with our high standards of quality.

When compared to plants that grow on land, Emerald Sea's™ sea vegetables are 10 to 20 times higher in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Ounce for ounce, along with herbs, sea vegetables are higher in vitamins and minerals than any other food on the planet!

Certain species can contain up to 10 times the calcium of milk. Sea lettuce can have up to 25 times more iron than beef, and wakame four times more. Nori can pack a walloping protein content as high as 25-50% of its dry weight – the highest protein content of any ocean vegetable!

According to noted herbalist, Dr. Ryan Drum, you would have to eat about 40 lbs of fresh vegetables and/or fruits to get as much Iodine as you would from 1 gram of whole leaf kelp.



Please Note:

Emerald Sea is now available exclusively through Emerald Essentials:




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