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Organic Phi Plus
"The Healthiest Food In The World"

Phi Plus is "The healthiest food in the world". It is a synergistic combination of 51 organic raw whole food ingredients including nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, oils, & spices. It is specifically designed to support and enhance all seven body systems. This pure raw food is a delicious snack and a superb meal replacement. Eat your way to inner balance, health, and closer to your healthy weight. Great for Kids!
Also great for backpacking, the office, or travel!


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Phi Plus Information
Phi Plus Nutrition Facts
Phi Plus Ingredients
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Phi Plus Apple Cinnamon
Only 1 word describes this new Phi Plus creation...YUMMY!!! We like to describe this a the closest thing to a purely healthy cinnamon role taste you'll ever experience. Plus the health benefits of dried raw apples and ceylon cinnamon. This snack packs an incredible 19% of your daily fiber with a surprsiing 5g of protein in just a 2oz serving!

Did you know? Just half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can significantly reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics. Cinnamon's essential oils also qualify it as an "anti-microbial" food, and cinnamon has been studied for its ability to help stop the growth of bacteria as well as fungi, including the commonly problematic yeast Candida

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Cranberry Phi Plus

Cranberry Phi Plus is a rich tasting, moist and delicious variation of Phi Plus that includes the healthy addition of cranberries. Cranberries are packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients and score 1750 on the ORAC scale.

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Coco Cherry Phi Plus

Coco Cherry Phi is a delicious treat that has anti-oxidants, raw nutrients and whole grain goodness. All natural cocoa with cherries make this the closest thing to candy whole foods have ever been.

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Phi Plus Information and Background

Phi Plus is a synergistic, immune boosting, power food. It is handcrafted from organic wholefood ingredients including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, flowers, spices, & healthy plant oils. (Click for Ingredients)

Your body was designed with the innate ability to recognize the pure nutrition that nature provides! Whole foods are the purest form of nutrition available - they are alive. They carry bio-electric energy and other complex nutritional messages that vibrate with frequencies that energize the body. Our cells recognize the bio-electric messages found only in foods that absorb sun light and grow naturally from the earth.

The History of Sacred Meals

2600 Years ago in order to attend the Pythagorean Academy one had to fast on air, water, and sunshine for 40 days and nights. Once accomplished, upon entrance to the academy, an initiate was given fresh raw foods to eat and a shoulder strap pouch filled with a fresh "millstone crushed hand assembled Golden Measured Meal" that Pythagoras himself referred to as the "Meal of Hercules." In honor of the most brilliantly inspired men and women of Egypt, Caanan, Phoenicia, Syria, Greece, Etruscans, Romans and others that snacked and called the transcendentally measured meal. Pathagoras and his students in secret and with great reverence "passed mouth to ear" the name Phei Pei (Ancient Greek spelling), and its formula of sacred geometric ratios one to another in hopes of preserving the knowledge of this precious gift to mankind down through time.

The Inca, Mayan, Tarahumari (swift footed ones), Kiowa Shoshoni, Arapaho, Iroquoi, Piute (seed gatherers) with other North and South American peoples had various names close to one another in linquistic connection for what others called "Phi Pi." Tletlket Kihunia Questzalcoatl which is believed to be "the great name for ceremonial food given of the immortal one." Kicking Bird, a Kiowa chief, who was noted in various frontier newspapers for his "distinguished mental gifts" accredited his cognitive skills to the daily eating of the "sacred ceremonial meal" (whose name he could not speak to the 'ears' of military officers that questioned him). Kicking Bear, a Sioux medicine man, known for his valor and desire for peace, spoke of the same "ceremonial whole food offering", whose recipe was secret and given to one only in the Council at a time, for safe keeping.
Phi Plus - "Eating is Believing"

When all seven systems of your body are balanced and "in tune" you'll feel wonderful. Apart from responding to changes in the external environment, the body must also act to produce a relatively constant internal environment. This process is known as homeostasis or the maintenance of equilibrium like maintaining a constant body temperature, relatively constant blood sugar levels, blood pressure and blood calcium levels. This natural equilibrium that your body desires is achieved by the coordination and balance of your body's seven systems. Doesn't your body deserve a tune up?

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