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We Are Now Closed...BUT

We have moved forward to launch our own line of superior nutritional supplements and a revolutionary new approach to organic skincare.

Please visit our new company Emerald Essentials™:



  • Helps support regularity.
  • Gently cleanses your intestinal system.
  • Non-habit forming - safe for long-term use.
  • Causes no cramps or discomfort like some herbs and colon cleansers.
  • Jump starts weight loss.
  • Maximizes digestion.
  • Alleviates gas and bloating.

    Temple Cleanse Testimonials


What is Temple Cleanse?

Temple Cleanse contains a special bond of ozonated magnesium oxide compounds that have been stabilized to time-release oxygen throughout the intestinal system for up to 12 hours or more. Oxygen is considered to be nature's most powerful cleanser. In a healthy functioning intestinal system your flora releases an abundance of oxygen that helps keep the colon clean. Unfortunatley, when the colon becomes overwhelmed from poor dietary habits, flora can die off and unwanted micro-organisms can feed and breed on the stagnant wastes. By driving oxygen into the colon, Temple Cleanse helps to gently break loose impacted wasts and cleanse the colon like no other product on the market.


How Temple Cleanse Works:

Once Temple Cleanse comes in contact with the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, a natural chemical reaction occurs whereby the oxygen slowly separates away from the magnesium and disperses throughout the entire colon.


What Temple Cleanse Can Do For You:

When Temple Cleanse is used according to directions and in conjunction with a properly balanced, non-toxic, and intestinal friendly diet, it can help effectively eliminate excess wastes, restore regularity to the bowels, and create an inhospitable environment for anaerobic bacteria.

Once impacted wastes are safely eliminated from the body and the colon is functioning properly again, the intestinal system will have the tools it needs to run on all cylinders and play a vital role in the body's overall health.


How is Temple Cleanse Different From Other Colon Cleansers On The Market?

Temple Cleanse is unique because it cleanses the colon and intestinal tract by using oxygen and magnesium compounds which are very gentle on the system. Most other colon cleansers use fiber or herbs as cleansing agents. Although these other methods work, for some people they can cause cramping, bloating, and discomfort. Temple Cleanse is safe and causes no cramps or stomach discomfort.


Temple Cleanse Testimonials:

"I'm a 42 year old woman who has had problems with constipation most of my life. Going a week or longer without a bowel movement was nothing out of the ordinary for me. I've tried herbs, laxatives, and over-the-counter medications seeking relief, but they either didn't work or they cramped me up and made me bloated. I was skeptical about Temple Cleanse, but my brother who is a health freak convinced me it was just what I needed. When I woke up in the morning after taking Temple Cleanse, I was amazed. No cramps, no pain, no bloating and I'm going to the bathroom regularly. This product is a dream come true for me!"
Valerie Brisbois - Timmins, Ontario

"A friend of mind told me she was taking your product Temple Cleanse for serious constipation. When I told her I was having similar problems she sent me one of her bottles to try. I can't begin to tell you how much it helped me. Now I'm regular every day where before I was only going once or twice a week. For the first time in years I can eat without feeling bloated. You will have a lifetime customer for this product."
Deborah Thomas - Houston, TX

"Whenever I travel away from home, I become very constipated. Usually after a few days it takes all the fun out of the trip. Recently, I went on vacation with my husband and after four days of not going to the bathroom I was confined to the hotel. My husband came across your product and he convinced me to try it. Much to my surprise I felt 100% better the next morning. Thank you for such an incredible product. I'll never go away from home again without my supply of Temple Cleanse."
Donna Seeder - Atlanta, GA

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