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Vaccinations: Fact or Fiction?


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The video to your left is a very eye-opening, scientifically based documentary about the facts and fiction of vaccines. This information is provided so that you can make a better informed decision for yourself and your children's health.

There is great controversy regarding the effectiveness and safety of vaccination. In fact, historical data shows that most diseases were already nearing eradication due to a growing understanding for better hygiene long before vaccines were introduced. People are also often shocked to find out the common ingredients used to maked vaccines that are routinely injected into the bodies of small developing children.



If you are tempted to assume that these ingredients would only be in harmless quantities in vaccines, note:
1) There is no safe level for some of these poisons, such as formaldehyde and mercury, even if one of them was consumed or injected on its own.

2) Even if the quantity of any given ingredient was within a safe level, remember that a large number of these are being taken in all at once, which can lead to the accumulative toxicity being much higher.
3) Poisons such as formaldehyde and mercury are well known to have a sensitising effect on the body, i.e. they cause increased susceptibility to any foreign substance that it might encounter at the same time or in the future.
4) Even the manufacturers admit to a large list of adverse effects of vaccines, including even death.

The resultant damage, including brain damage, from these issues can vary from mild enough to not be apparent to severe cases, some including death. You cannot inject a living being with these toxins and expect there to be no adverse effect at all. What varies, and varies greatly, is merely the degree of damage.

Formaldehyde: Used in vaccines as a tissue fixative. Fewer than 20% but perhaps more than 10% of the general population may be susceptible to formaldehyde and may react acutely at any exposure level. More hazardous than most chemicals in 5 out of 12 ranking systems, on at least 8 federal regulatory lists, ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to ecosystems and human health (Environmental Defense Fund). It is not safe at ANY level.

Mercury: Used in vaccines as a preservative called Thimerosal. "But haven't they removed mercury from the vaccines on the childhood vaccination schedule?" Many manufacturers voluntarily began producing supposed ‘mercury-free’ vaccines in 1999. Some product inserts currently claim that a ‘trace’ amount of mercury still exists in the final product but that the amount has been greatly reduced. Others claim to be producing completely mercury-free products.

During an investigation into the mercury issue, HAPI learned that Thimerosal, a 50% mercury compound, is still being used to produce most vaccines and that the manufacturers are simply ‘filtering it out’ of the final product. However, according to Boyd Haley, PhD, Chemistry Department Chair, University of Kentucky, mercury binds to the antigenic protein in the vaccine and cannot be completely filtered out.

All four vaccine vials tested contained mercury despite manufacturer claims that two of the vials were completely mercury-free. All four vials also contained aluminum, one nine times more than the other three, which tremendously enhances the toxicity of mercury, causing neuronal death in the brain. The mercury content of routine childhood vaccinations has been linked to the current autism epidemic as well as numerous other neurological disorders affecting children today. Currently, one in six children are affected in some way and one in 250 children are diagnosed as autistic compared to one in 10,000 prior to mercury-containing vaccines.

Human Viruses: The viruses against which the vaccine is supposed to protect are frequently said to be "killed", "inactivated" or "attenuated". This is a myth. The main method used to inactivate viruses is treatment with formaldehyde, whose effectiveness is only limited, and even then only temporary - once the brew is injected into the body and disperses, it is documented in orthodox medical literature that these "killed" viruses can revert to their former virulence

Latex: This is in the hepatitis B vaccine which is given routinely to health workers. Have you heard about the problem of the high occurrence of latex allergy among nurses? How do you think they became sensitised to latex? Allergic reactions can be life-threatening. Hepatitis B vaccine is now routinely given to newborn babies in many countries, including Australia and the US.

Animal organ tissue and blood: Animal cell lines need to be used to culture the viruses in vaccines, so this material is included in the formulation that is injected. Other than when this protein material is digested (i.e. consumed and broken down into its component amino acids, etc, before absorption), it is unusable and toxic to the body. It can also contain many animal viruses. Animals used include monkey (kidney), cow (heart), calf (serum), chicken (embryo and egg), duck (egg), pig (blood), sheep (blood), dog (kidney), horse (blood), rabbit (brain), guinea pig, etc.

Antifreeze: (This is in the polio vaccine.) Classed as "Very Toxic Material". May lead to kidney, liver, blood and central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Effects include behavioural disorders, drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhoea, visual disturbances, thirst, convulsions, cyanosis, and rapid heart rate, CNS stimulation, depression, cardiopulmonary effects, kidney disorders. May also lead to liver and blood disorders. Produces reproductive and developmental effects in experimental animals.

2-Phenoxyethanol: EDF Suspected - developmental toxicant, reproductive toxicant. Metabolic poison (i.e. interferes with the metabolism in all cells). Capable of disabling the immune system's primary response. Contains phenol (see below).

Phenol: EDF Suspected - cardiovascular or blood toxicant aka Carbolic Acid, developmental toxicant, gastrointestinal or liver toxicant, kidney toxicant, neurotoxicant, respiratory toxicant, skin or sense organ toxicant. More hazardous than most chemicals in 3 out of 10 ranking systems. On at least 8 federal regulatory lists.

Again, these are just a few of the issues surrounding the vaccination contraversy and they are presented here as information. We encourage you to do your own research and make your own decision regarding the health of yourself and your children.


Most people assume, or are told, that vaccines are required by law. However, you do have the right to refuse vaccines. Your rights do vary by state. You can check out for more information on this.

Sources: (Numerous links to Articles on this web page)


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